All-in-one web analytics

Easy ,friendly & privacy focused analytics. Track your users journey, specific sessions, collect heatmaps & more.


Good & good looking analytics

Have you ever felt like you have too much information in front of you and don't know what it means? We are providing you a clean and simple interface with easy to understand analytics.

Visitor behaviour

Understand your users

Understanding your users is key to learning how to improve your website. Check each visitors path and what they are doing on your site without intruding they're privacy.

Realtime data

Realtime visitor analytics

Curious to see realtime data? You can check and how many users are online, which devices are the most popular and what pages are most accessed.


We never sell your data, you own it!

Why would you get a service like this compared when Google analytics is available? Because your data matters, we never sell your data and you are in full control of it. You can delete it at any time!


Heatmaps tracking

Heatmaps is a very easy to use feature to test out pages on your website and understand which parts are the most used by a collection of users on your website.

What other people are saying

Testimonials from people that have used our product.

I recently started using Abacusly, and I am extremely impressed with its capabilities. This tool has allowed me to dive deep into my data and gain valuable insights into my business. The interface is user-friendly, and I was able to quickly get up to speed and start analyzing my data.

What I like most about Abacusly is the level of detail it provides. I can drill down into my data to get a better understanding of what working and what not, which has helped me make more informed decisions. The reports and dashboards are easy to read and provide all the information I need in one place.

Abacusly is truely an alternative to Google Analytics, and I must say, I am impressed with its features and functionality. The platform is easy to use and has all the key metrics I need to track for my website.